Why the Perfect Morning Routine Isn’t Having One

In a world where routines run our lives, it can be hard to switch it up or do the routine that truly calls to you. Every wellness article out there talks about this influencer’s morning routine or how to optimize your mornings/evenings the best way. 

Recently, I quit my 9-5 job to work from home completely, and with a far more flexible schedule, I was excited about what the changes to my routine would be. I envisioned waking up between 7-7:30 a.m. every day, making coffee and sipping it by the window, meditating, reading a few pages in a book and all the other things that they tell you will lead your day in the right direction if you do in the morning. 

Now a month into my new gig, and my new mornings, I think I have finally nailed my perfect routine: not having one. Let’s be real, I haven’t been consistently keeping up with a morning routine. Some mornings, I sleep until 9 a.m. and get up and open my computer, still in a dream state, ready to work. Other days, I make myself breakfast and sit by the window, watching the rest of the world wake up and head off to whatever their own days hold. Even other days, I wake up early enough to meditate or journal but opt to watch Sex and the City on the couch instead. 

I’ve found that the ideal morning routine, at least for me, is tuning into my body to what I want to do that day. “What do I feel like doing today?” The answer won’t be the same every single day, so why should we feel guilty to adhere to the same routine every day? Mixing it up based on how you feel in those few minutes your body is awake is my new morning routine. I’ve been feeling like I am letting myself down by finally having the time to do the things I want to do in the morning and not  always doing them the past few weeks, until one specific morning as I was writing this blog about how important the LACK of a morning routine is. 

Bottom line: do what you want to do in the morning. Set your alarm for your ideal time, and if you wake up too tired or feel like not getting up at all, snooze it! If you wake up feeling refreshed (lucky you) feel into what you want accomplish this morning and what would spark joy in you before the real responsibilities of your day begins.

I daydreamed of slow mornings spent by breezy, open windows. But reality isn’t a daydream, reality is giving yourself a break and leaning into what your body and mind truly want at that moment. So if tomorrow morning, you do yoga, make a smoothie and write a gratitude list, that’s great! But if tomorrow morning, you wake up and revel in the comfort of your covers for just a little longer while listening to the birds chirp outside, then that’s great, too. 

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