Welcome to The Middle Ground

My name is Allison Matyus and welcome to The Middle Ground. I am an editor living in Chicago who loves all things crystals, Reiki, meditation, etc., but also loves Pinot Grigio, french fries, and a good midday nap. I’m all about finding that middle ground of what it means to be well.

I started this wellness blog because I feel like there is something missing, specifically in the Midwest. We always hear about the wellness world in hotspots like LA and New York, but what about Chicago? Granted, it’s not as booming here, but there’s still a lot to be had with Chicago and wellness as a whole when it comes to wellness-based businesses, unique healthy food options (can you say VEGAN deep dish?!), and woo-woo trends that are becoming more normal around here.

There’s also something missing in the wellness industry itself. I’ve been into wellness for about three years now and while I love a green smoothie, adding adaptogens to my coffee, and replacing most of my carbs with cauliflower, I also love drinking wine or beer and going to dive bars on the weekends, going out to eat and NOT choosing a salad, and opting for bingewatching The Office for the thousandth time instead of working out. And I know I’m not the only one here! There’s a lack of “normalcy” in the wellness industry—those of us who like our hot yoga classes but also like Taco Bell.

I’m not advocating an unhealthy lifestyle, but I am advocating those of us who try to be as healthy as we can, but can also indulge and enjoy ourselves because, well, fuck it.

Lately I have been A LOT more on the strictly healthy side of wellness because of a recent diagnosis of Lyme Disease. I was diagnosed this past April after a LONG time of feeling off, tired, and just all around not right. A huge part of treating Lyme Disease is focusing on bettering your health, since it is a chronic illness (despite what a majority of the medical industry will tell you, but more on that later). Since my diagnosis, I’ve focused more on health and what it means to be healthy. I’m still trying to figure that out, so I’m hoping this blog will help me do that (and help other people too!)

This is my first go at a blog, and while I am well aware that the blogging industry is very crowded, I think what I have to say and share is something on its own, so I hope you explore this whole blogging journey with me.