Reiki and the Road to Healing

I am constantly amazed at energy and how it affects us in our everyday lives. The energy in a room can make or break a party, the energy in the air after a storm is both electrifying and calm all at once, and the ball of energy you feel in the space between you and your significant other lying next to each other is pure love.

Maybe that’s why I got into Reiki; when it comes down to it, Reiki is the process of the channeling of energy from one person to another. To the average person not into new age woo-woo, the concept of Reiki can be hard to wrap your head around, but really it’s all energy, and it’s energy we all harbor inside of us. Like my Reiki teacher told me, “Energy is every where and every when.”

The Reiki Experience

I had my first Reiki session in 2015 after reading about it on a blog and hearing people’s out-of-body experiences with it. I went into the session at Soderworld Wellness Center with a completely open mind and little expectations.

In a typical Reiki session, you lay down on a massage table, fully clothed, in a dim lit room with essential oils and soft, gently music playing in the background. The Reiki practitioner will usually ask you beforehand what your intention of the session is (whether you want to alleviate stress, physical pain, emotional trauma, etc.). Depending on the practitioner, they will either hover their hands above you or place hands gently on you to transfer the energy. I have had both, and both provide the same experience.

What I experienced that first session—and in every session I’ve had since—is falling into a meditative state pulsing with energy. During Reiki, I can feel the energy moving through me in waves, from my feet to my head and back. You feel as if you are floating, and sometimes I swear that I’m not even on the massage table anymore. It is pure, energetic bliss, and you leave after an hour feeling almost high (I’ve had to wait in my car before driving home a few times because of how relaxed I felt).

Reiki came to me at a time in my life when I first started my spiritual journey, learning more about crystals, how to meditate, adaptogens, alternate forms of healing and medicine, etc. I have loved Reiki since I first experienced it, but it wasn’t until last year that I felt the call to learn it.

Reiki Training

How can one “learn” Reiki if it is just energy? Well, the thing is, you learn how to use this universal energy for the higher good and how to tap into it to heal yourself and others. To become a certified Reiki practitioner, you must be taught by a Reiki Master, and I stumbled upon mine on a random Facebook event. My intuition told me now was the time to learn Reiki, so I didn’t resist in signing up.

There are three levels to Reiki training, and each level you are “attuned” to the universal energy by a Reiki Master. I was attuned to Reiki Level I in June 2018 and was attuned to Level ll in December 2018. Each attunement opens you up even more to this universal life force energy that we all inherently have access to, it’s just about being aware that it is there and using it for the greater good.

Now this may sound too woo-woo for you, and that’s ok, but I know for me personally, learning and practicing Reiki has truly helped me in my journey of battling Lyme Disease as well as dealing with my anxiety and stress. Energy in our bodies can become stuck through every day stresses, interactions, our environment, disease, etc. and Reiki clears all of that.

If you think about it, you can do so many different things with energy, such as grounding, transforming, transmuting, clearing, and you can do all of these things as a Reiki practitioner, depending on the client’s intent.

Ultimately, when you make the decision to let go of any and all expectations, your energy will shift. That’s what Reiki is about. As a newly established Level II practitioner, I still have much to learn about this sacred practice and its healing properties, but what I do know is that it truly helps the healing process in everyone. If you would like to schedule a Chicago Reiki session with me, you can email me at

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