Mantra Monday

Happy Monday! As a writer, I know that words carry an immense amount of power. They can make you feel love, heartbreak, empathy, nostalgia, happiness, and every other emotion the human body can experience. Words can even change one’s mindset. My mother always told me, “what you think, you become.”

So instead of giving power to words that are negative, self-deprecating, or upsetting, give power to only those words and phrases that uplift you, bring you peace, and inspire you.

Mantras do just that. Mantras are more than just words, they are personal affirmations that motivate and inspire you by being repeated again and again throughout your day. Like a favorite quote that resonates with your soul, a mantra is an active statement that makes you truly believe the words you are saying.

I like to think of mantras as more of a form of self-talk, with an action “I” statement. In mantras, you are speaking as though it is already so. Just like the Law of Attraction, if you speak something into existence enough, it will come.

You can use mantras in your meditation practice, by focusing solely on the mantra and repeating it over and over; by writing it on a sticky note and putting it somewhere where you can see it every day, like on your desk, your bathroom mirror, or in your car; or you can set a reminder on your phone with your mantra so that it pops up during your day when you need its reminder.

However you choose to use it, having a personal mantra can help to remind you that you are on the right path no matter what. To find your personal mantra, it depends what you want or need in your life, but it can be as simple as turning your favorite quote around.

I asked several of my friends what words they live by, and I got a variety of answers filled with inspirational words. Here are a few of those quotes turned into mantras to better invoke the actions you want in your life:

Don’t compare your life to others—>I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have

You bloom in the pot you’re in—>I accept abundance and blessings that may come my way

Take one day at a time—>Every tool I need I already possess

Everything happens for a reason—>The universe supports me and all my desires

This too shall pass—>I can handle change with ease

You can’t please everyone—>I am aligning with my true self

Don’t look back, that’s not where you’re going—>As I move towards what feels good and right for me, I heal my past

I am not my thoughts—>I release any and all things that are not in alignment with my natural state of being

Choose one (or more!) of these mantras to carry you through this week. Your words speak volume, so speak kindly to yourself.

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