How to manifest what you really want

They say ask, and you shall receive. Everyone talks about how if you speak something into existence enough, it will eventually become your reality. Sure, that’s a lot to believe in, but I’m here to tell you how to manifest your dream life and that it really does work.

I vividly remember sitting at my desk at my old office on a specifically shitty Lyme day, dreaming about what it would be like to exclusively work remotely. To wake up and have slow mornings without rushing to get ready or sitting in rush hour traffic. To be able to get my work done on my own time.

For a lot of reasons, I began to look for another job but quickly realized that moving from one 9-5 to another 9-5 didn’t appeal to me. I had discovered that a repetitive schedule like that only stifled my creativity and productivity, leading me to enter into a daily cycle of stress and anxiety. So I thought to myself, what would my perfect job look like? 

I wrote it out in detail what it would be like at my dream work-from-home job. How I would feel waking up each day. Where I would be sitting to get my work done. What kind of work I would be doing every day. How I would feel at the end of the day. 

I wrote all that down, along with three specific career-oriented goals I wanted to achieve. I read these aloud three times every day, because I’m a big believer in setting intentions and am a big believer that three is a magic number. 

Disclaimer: my current situation was not handed to me from the universe. I scoured the web for hours a night trying to find a remote position that wasn’t a low-paying freelance gig. I upped my profile on LinkedIn, fixed my resume, and revamped my professional website. I wrote on this blog as an outlet for creativity, and to show a potential employer my writing skills. 

This was not handed to me, but I did make it happen. A lot of my close friends and family told me that it was an unconventional and delusional route to work from home after having what some would view as a successful 9-5 editing job. But I believed in my vision and my dream, and something inside of me told me not to let it go.

So here I am, sitting on my couch on a weekday afternoon in between writing for one gig and editing for the other. It’s sometimes hard for me to believe I was able to make this my reality, but you truly can do that thing you have always wanted to do, because if it’s one thing I’ve learned, the universe is always in your favor, no matter what. 

Manifesting 101

The Law of Attraction is “the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.” According to this new-age philosophy, all thoughts turn into things eventually.

If you’re wondering how to manifest your thoughts into your dream, whether it is a romantic relationship, a different career-move, the perfect apartment with a balcony, etc., it’s all about your intention. Focus on the specifics and think of the important interrogatives when laying out your vision: Who, What, When, Wear, Why, How. 

  • 1. Write down—yes with a pen and paper—a sort of “day in the life of” with your ideal goal, whatever that may be. Write it down in the first person, as if you are already living that way. Come back to this vision and read it whenever you feel stuck or pessimistic about your goals. 
  • 2. Then, write down three goals you wish to achieve when it comes to your dream. I.E., if it’s a job change, three goals could be “I will find a job that better aligns with my interests and values,” “My new job will provide me with more abundance in my life,” or “I will have the perfect work-life balance.” Say these goals, out loud, each day, three times. Words are powerful, and if we say something enough, negative or positive, we start to believe them, so start to believe that this is your new reality. 
  • 3. Do one thing each day that brings you closer to your dream life. Apply to one job per day. Spark up a conversation with a stranger once per day. Go on an apartment showing twice per week. 

Of course, you can burn a manifestation candle or carry around a quartz point crystal, and if that’s your jam then by all means…but when it comes down to manifesting something into your life, you have to set your intentions and work towards it. 

As cliche and corny as it may sound, you have the power to make your life whatever it is you want it to be, and I think a lot of us forget that. You aren’t stuck in your situation; you’re just not trying hard enough to view your life differently.

As we approach the last quarter of the year, think about what it is you want to be different next year and how to manifest it. Make 2020 the year you don’t settle. 

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