CBD: Not Your Mother’s Marijuana

Marijuana isn’t what it was a decade ago. In the past 10 years, it’s become more accepted in mainstream society rather than being made out to be this “scary” drug we were taught to stay away from in middle school. It’s much more than the topic of Snoop Dogg songs or scenes of teens in movies eating pizza and hysterically laughing for no reason.

Its benefits have started to be researched and known, and recreational marijuana is even legal in 12 states. One of the most beneficial parts about the marijuana plant, and something that has recently seen a boom in popularity in the past year is CBD.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp and marijuana that can be used to treat ailments ranging from stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, pain, nausea, and so much more. (There’s an entire science around it and how it reacts with your endocannabinoid system, but seeing as how I’ve never been one to understand science or explain it eloquently, I won’t even try to get into that myself.) You see it most in an oil form, and while it can come from the marijuana plant, it does NOT contain the psychoactive properties (THC) that would make one “high.” Most CBD oils contain .30% or less of THC.

So what is CBD oil? Here’s a little CBD 101 for those that still think weed is for hippies.

What are CBD oil benefits?

CBD could be right for you if you experience things like insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, headaches, stress, muscle pain or discomfort, and menstrual pain, among other ailments and symptoms.

What forms does CBD come in?

CBD is most commonly ingested as oil, by using a dropper to drop the oil under your tongue, or you can add it to smoothies or your morning coffee. CBD oil products with coconut oil give it a slightly better flavor than the earthiness of CBD with hemp oil.

Companies are also now coming up with other clever ways to get your CBD, like in lotions, bath bombs, lip balms, vapes, and even CBD chocolates and gummies.

What does it feel like to take CBD? 

You may not notice anything at all, except that your anxiety is gone, your muscle pains have lessened, your head feels clearer and your mood is lighter, and you can finally get those eight hours of sleep you’ve been dreaming about. Like weed, CBD does work differently for everybody; you may need a higher or lower dosage of CBD oil than others, though I would always recommend starting at the lowest dose and working your way up. I started at 700 mg and now take 1500 mg.

My CBD Experience

I’m not one to like weed…I don’t care that people do it and I do believe it should be legalized, but in my own personal experience, my body doesn’t react well to it.  CBD, however, has been quite the godsend for me and my Lyme Disease treatment as well as my issues with anxiety. Because of Lyme Disease, my body muscles are sore most of the time, and my hands have early onset arthritis. Instead of popping multiple Ibrupofen pills in one day, I now rely on CBD for Lyme Disease relief.

As for my anxiety, CBD has literally been a life-saver for me, especially as of late. I’ve struggled with anxiety for over a decade, and am prescribed a daily medication for it along with Xanax to take as needed if I get a panic attack or am especially anxious. Xanax makes me extremely tired and groggy after taking it, so taking it during the day or at work if I get anxious is completely out of the question. CBD oil for anxiety has replaced Xanax, which I am so thankful for.

And, let’s be honest, CBD definitely helps with hangovers. Ever since I turned 25, my hangovers have hit me like a bus in the morning (raise your hand in solidarity if you can relate). If I take CBD oil right when I wake up–after chugging a huge glass of water of course–I notice that all-too familiar throbbing headache that means you had one too many glasses of wine seems to lessen or disappear within the half hour.

Where to get CBD

Like all products, you need to be a smart consumer when it comes to CBD. Since CBD is so popular right now, there are thousands of companies out there selling it, but not every single one has organically grown or high-grade CBD. You want to make sure your oil is “full spectrum” and if it’s less than $30, it’s probably not going to be legit (CBD is pricey, folks). In my experience, the best CBD to use are these companies/products I have tried and trust:




Sagely Naturals

I’m no medical expert by any means…I’m just a blogger who has used this medicine and wants people to know about CBD oil benefits and how it has greatly impacted my life. You’ll be seeing, reading, and hearing A LOT more about CBD this year since industrialized hemp was recently legalized in the 2019 Farm Bill, and maybe sooner rather than later more people can recognize the healing properties of this plant medicine.

If you have any other questions about CBD, ask me here!

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  1. This provided some wonderful information. I’m like you, I have never liked “smoking pot” but after hearing what it did for you, I asked you to get me some and it really does help! I like the fact that I’m not taking as many over the counter pian pills and it really helps me with my stress! I hope others who read your blog at least try it and see all the benefits it provides. Thanks for writing this.

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