Sometimes you just need to write it all down...that's why I created The Middle Ground. I've always been into wellness, but I've also always been into going out with friends for a drink (or two, or four...), staying in my pajamas until 4 p.m. most Sundays, and occasionally enjoying a late night burrito. I noticed all of the wellness blogs I followed all stuck to the same smoothie regimen, worked out almost every day, and seemed to have a handle on the whole stress-free blissed-out lifestyle.

The people I know--your REAL average day millennial women--are more like me than these wellness influencers. We skip planned workouts more often than we probably should, opt for the cheese fries instead of ordering the green goddess salad, and would rather drink a seasonal saison beer than apple cider vinegar. It's not that wellness isn't a factor at all, it's just realizing that you're human and you slip up, have cravings, and sometimes, just don't feel like it.

This blog is for all those trying to find that balance between these two lifestyles to find their OWN meaning of what it means to be well for them specifically. It doesn't have to be one or the other...there can be a middle ground.